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Welcome to our page, A brief description of how 2nd Chance came about.

I was hunting from my ladder stand with my Crossbow when a nice size deer came into range, ( 30 yards ) I had a quartering to me shot, and was totally  surprised when the deer dropped and my arrow went over top and into the ground about 20 yards past.  In a second the deer was gone down over the bank and soon walking around not knowing what had just happened! 

I sat there very still wondering how am I going to reload my Crossbow! I'm in a single man ladder stand and no way to cock it unless I lower the crossbow down, climb down myself, cock the Crossbow, Climb back up and pull up the Crossbow again. Probable about 5 min, A long time when hunting!

The deer slowly walked out of view and I struggled to get the Crossbow reloaded from the tree stand. About this time the deer is slowly walking my direction and I am thinking I may get a 2nd Chance at this deer! All excited and ready the deer changes direction and I never did get the 2nd Chance I was hoping for.  

But now my mind is working / thinking, what can I do to if this ever happens again? To be honest, as much as we don't want it to happen , we miss or don't make the best shot on our prey and we may need a fast follow up shot.  

After long thoughts  I decided to make a product that will be easier to pull back the string on a Crossbow, and allow someone to be able to Cock their Crossbow from a ladder tree stand, or even from the ground.  

I have 2 bad shoulders and had a back operation years ago, after testing and using the 2nd Chance It turns out it is easier on the shoulders and back, also being only 5'5" I don't have to struggle to bend over my Crossbow and pull up with the cocking rope.

My wife, Kelly can also cock her Crossbow using the 2nd Chance where, due to health issues she is unable to do so.

Thank You for taking the time to read this,

Good Luck and Happy Hunting, 

May your shot be true and your prey fall within sight.

John & Kelly