!!! Disclaimer !!!



This 2nd Chance is intended for use with standard crossbows. It is to be used from a tree stand or the ground. It is not intended for use with climbing stands due to ta potential lack of sufficient room to maneuver while using the device and risk of falling, leading to potential sever injury or death. Daley Luck, LLC is not responsible for injury or damage caused by use of 2nd Chance in a manner not intended or a failure to follow the information and instructions contained herein. 

The strap that has been provided has a minimal of a 500 lb capacity. However, straps and other components are subject to ordinary wear and tear which, if not inspected prior  to use, could break or fail resulting in severe injury or death. It is your responsibility to inspect the Cam Buckle and strap prior to use for any wear and tear issues such as but not limited to visible damage, ordinary wear and tear, sun or other weather wear or damage, or even animal damage. You can replace your straps easily to suit your needs. Ratchet straps may be easier to install.  Remember to always test new straps BEFORE you go out to hunt for safety reasons. Straps should be replaced at least at the beginning of each hunting season or more frequently as needed due to wear and tear or damage discovered after a a proper inspection by you before each use.

When hanging your device, make sure that it is tightened and secure before use. 

Hunting is an inherently dangerous activity and you assume all risks of (and Daley Luck, LLC is not responsible for) injury or damage caused by risks inherent in undertaking hunting activities. 

This product is provided "as-is" . Daley Luck, LLC provides no warranties, express or implied (including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness), with respect to your 2nd Chance, all of which, to the greatest extent allowed by applicable law, are expressly disclaimed. 

While intended for use with standard crossbows, Daley Luck, LLC does not guarantee that 2nd Chance will be compatible with every crossbow on the market or your crossbow in particular. It is recommended that you test fit 2nd Chance prior to use in the field to avoid injury or damage to you or your property.  


1. Install your 2nd Chance prior to hunting so that it is able to be visibly inspected prior to use. You should always inspect your 2nd Chance prior to use, including but not limited to the Cam Buckle and the strap for signs of wear or damage.

2. Place 2nd Chance above your head and secure Cam Buckle Strap tightly. Tug down on 2nd Chance to insure the device is "locked" into the tree and doesn't slide down on you. 

3. Place the stirrup of the crossbow on the lower. loading rack. Place the cocking rope as usual onto your crossbow. 

4. Move your Crossbow to the upper cocking rack, and pull straight down on your cocking rope. ( the upper rack is to take the place of your foot when you normally would cock your bow). Remove cocking rope as usual. 

5. Now you are able to load your next arrow. ( you now have a 2nd Chance at your target). Good luck and remember to always comply with your local laws for safe hunting.