Just a little about myself, I started hunting at the age of 14 but started shooting guns around age 8. I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents/Uncles house that was literally only a few feet away from the woods. After hunting for several years my passion became Archery, many sleepless nights waiting for the opening the next morning of Archery to begin.  For years I only did ground hunting, No Ground blind, No tree stand to use, I became somewhat successful over the years but had to work very hard at it.  Hunting Game lands mostly. With several inventions over the years with only dreams and wishing I had followed through with them only to watch them fade and someone else comes along many years later and it reaches the market.

Finally, my wife and I decided to make it happen, to bring a product the people can benefit from, a product to help hunters/shooters to draw the Crossbow from a ladder tree stand, A product not seen before until now, A way the shooter can practice more from their ladder stand.   With years of hunting under me and the knowledge of how important time and being quiet is when in the stand,  This product will allow the shooter/Hunter a possible 2nd shot in under a minute. Maybe a 2nd chance at that missed deer, or that less fortunate shot that requires I fast back up shot.  We have all been there.

May your shot be true and your prey fall within sight.

John R. Daley,

Hey there, my name is Kelly. I am John's wife, support system, sounding board and adventure partner. I started hunting when I was 12 with my father but we only ever hunted with a rifle. When I met John, he shared his love of archery with me and I was hooked. Over the last few years I had gotten pretty sick and lost a lot of my strength but not my sense of adventure. This made it impossible for me to cock my own bow, which was very humiliating and humbling. John would always hunt with me incase I needed to reload. He has given up a lot of opportunity to hunt on his own because of this issue. Since he made the 2nd Chance, I am able to re-cock my bow myself by using my body weight instead of my arm strength. We still hunt together but in different stands. I have a sense of accomplishment and our friendly competition for the biggest buck is back on. I hope it will help you as it has helped me. Good luck!

Kelly Daley,

Just a little about myself.  I have been hunting since I was 12 years old, I am now 63.  I have 40 plus whitetail deer kills to my credit, with about 85 percent of those with a compound bow or crossbow.  John and I have been friends and hunting buddies for a lot of years.  We have always helped each other out, so when John talked to me about his new hunting project, I was honored to be a part of it.  This product is something that will help many crossbow hunters.  This product makes it so easy to re-cock your crossbow for a 2nd Chance shot.  What a great product.

Rick Wanamaker,